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Pro Sports

Over the past 7 years, EasyGo to USA Ltd., recruitment and consulting company has helped hundreds of young student-athletes in their pursuit of obtaining U.S. sports scholarships. The total value of these successfully awarded grants amounts to 32 million dollars, of which the individual, annual scholarship value may reach up to 72.000 USD. With these grants, sending their children to obtain a valuable diploma abroad within the United States higher education system becomes a realistic and achievable goal for European parents.

American and international parents - and their children who have concluded their U.S higher education - have the same goals and dreams, but the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) only provide scholarships for the duration of one’s undergraduate academic studies (Bachelor’s degree). The student-athletes wishing to earn their Master’s degree have no choice but to finance their own studies, and with a professional career out of reach for most of these youngsters, they are often forced to take on a hefty loan or abandon that dream altogether.

This is where EasyGo to Europe comes into the picture...

There are more than 500.000 college athletes in the United States in any given year, 150.000 of whom are seniors, earning their Bachelor’s degree at the end of the school year. 98% (roughly 147.000 athletes) of them are unable to continue their sport professionally in the Unites States.

What we offer:

We are looking for athletes in the following sports:

  • Men's and women's soccer

  • Men's and women's basketball

  • Men’s and women’s volleyball

  • Men’s and women’s water polo

  • Men’s ice hockey

  • and individual sports such as fencing, swimming, rowing, tennis, gymnastics, wrestling, golf and track & field

We connect you with clubs and agents and you would be able choose from different terms of agreement:

  • Professional sport contract with salary

  • Player license

  • Sport scholarship for your education

  • Compensation of food & accommodation

  • Earn prize money through pro tournaments

  • Visa application

  • Country specific permit to play sport, study or work

  • Insurance

  • Other papers due to pandemic

Young Female Soccer Player

European Club Sports

Our main goal is to integrate these seniors, who have obtained their Bachelor’s degree, into our Master’s programs, creating the opportunity for them to earn an advanced degree while being able to continue their chosen sport at a high level.

Our project will help the student-athletes coming from the American higher education system monetize their talent so they can receive compensation from the top sport clubs and scholarship aid from some of the best schools of Europe.

We can create an opportunity for American and international students in the U.S to not only continue their sport, but to go professional while earning a valuable Master’s degree for a portion of the costs they would have to pay in the United States. 

Are you ready to become professional?

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