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Sport Scholarships

There are over 2,000 U.S. Colleges (2 & 4 year) with varsity athletic programs. Collectively these schools awarded over  $ 4.2 billion in athletic scholarships and it continues to grow. 

The scholarship offer depends on the U.S. coaches so you need to contact them directly. The amount of scholarship is based on the ability of the prospective student-athletes and the proportion of athletic scholarship awarded to the high school athletes will be determined by the college coaches of each institutions. The more universities you contact the better your chances will be to find a place in the U.S. college system with sport-scholarship!

You can earn 100%, or full-ride athletic scholarship, or partial athletic scholarship. 100% scholarship covers all of you college expenses, except the plane ticket to the United States. If you do not earn full-ride athletic scholarship, you can always apply for academic or need-based scholarships, which you can use to supplement the remaining cost of tuition to the university. That way you can add up the available scholarship to cover all or almost all of you expenses.

A cost of tuition in the United States is extremely expensive which can be as high as 80,000 dollars/ year. If you apply for a full-ride sport scholarship successfully, then your parents will pay nothing for these college expenses.

Top Majors for Student-Athletes

  • Business (Finance, Accounting, Management)

  • Sociology/Anthropology

  • General Studies

  • Political Science

  • Health/Sports/Physical Culture

  • Applied Learning & Development

  • Communication/Marketing

  • Economics

  • Criminal Justice

  • Human Development/Nutrition

  • Property Management/Construction

  • Engineering

  • Sports Management

  • Sports Administration

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Am I a good fit?

You might ask: Is there any available sport scholarship for athletes who are not among the top athletes in their nation?

The answer is yes!


If you are not among the top athletes there are still a lot of opportunities to reduce your financial cost to play sports and study at a U.S. university. If you are not good enough to qualify for 100% athletic scholarship, you can always apply for academic and need-based scholarship.


Moreover, you can apply for scholarship not only to the top level universities in the U.S. (NCAA D1), but also to lower level schools in terms of sports, such as, NCAA D2, D3, NAIA, and Junior College.


It is good to know that 80% of the total scholarships are available outside of NCAA D1 universities namely at NCAA D2, D3, NAIA, and NJCAA. For these schools, the chances to receive scholarships are higher than you would expect!

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